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Garage Additions

Custom Garage Additions

Garage additions are a great solution to add space for your family to utilize and enjoy as well as adds great value to your property. Craft Contractors is a leading garage builder in central and southern Maine. Let us add this finishing touch on your home. Garage additions are not just space to keep your vehicles out of the harsh Maine weather, although we Mainers know the value of that! Garage additions can be so much more. Allow Craft Contractors Restoration & Remodeling to help you explore all the options and features you can include when building a garage.

Garage Sizes and Styles

When deciding on a garage style, there are many things to think about. For example, what garage size will fit our storage needs as well as the flow of our property? What style garage will match our home or other existing structures and add value to our property? Is there a roof shape which will drain easily or withstand heavy snow? Contact us today to discuss your needs and allow us to make a recommendation.

Garage Sizes/Configurations to Considergarage-additions-portland

  • Detached (not part of the home)
  • Attached (seamlessly connected to your existing home)
  • Location in relation to your home
  • How many vehicle bays
  • Door color and style

Garage Roof Shapes

  • Gable: This is the most common garage roof shape. It is characterized by two symmetrical slopes forming a triangle over the door. Gable garage roofs are known for their load bearing quality and easy drainage.
  • Gambrel (“barn”): This garage roof shape provides more storage space above the bays or even a loft. Each side has two slopes instead of one, as in the gable shape.
  • Hip: This type of garage roof shape will provide the best protection from harsh weather. They are four sided, with all four sides sloping up to an apex and ending in either a point or a small platform. This shape does decrease upper storage capacity.

Additional Features

  • Heated or Unheated: Heated garages allow for storage of more items throughout Maine winters as well as keeps your car windows from icing over.
  • Finished walls: A garage with finished walls will look clean and complete.
  • Lighting: Standard light bulbs can be improved by using rows of fluorescent lighting for space used as studios or workshops.
  • Flooring: Garages need flooring which will stand up to water, sand, debris, oil and wear. Choices range from tile, to apoxy-resin based paint or even rubber mats.
  • Door: This is an opportunity to create a look for your home which is stylish and a compliment to your home.
  • Bonus room: The extra space above the vehicle bays can be used as a playroom, master bedroom suite, storage, home gym and much more.
  • Access: Garages with multiple points of access can improve air-flow which can cut-down on heating costs. Drive-through garages can help with tractors and riding lawn mower storage and use.