David Bean, North Yarmouth, Maine

After I discovered two water problems, I called my insurance company to see if I was covered. During that conversation, the insurance rep asked me if I wanted to get my own workers to fix the problem or she could recommend on outfit. I fugured that the insurance company would know a reputable company so I opted for their recommendation and boy was I glad I did. It was in the morning that I called the insurance company, by the afternoon, I had a person inspecting the damage and taking moisture readings with another person looking into the cause of the problem. Later that afternoon, a mitigation system had been brought into my home to remove the moisture form the walls and ceiling. By that evening, the two water problems had been found and fixed. After a few days to remove the moisture, the repairs to the walls and ceiling commenced. It took a few more days for the taping and painting to take place but when all repairs were complete, I was amazed with quality of work. The areas where the damage occurred, you would never be able to tell what happened in those areas and even where it occurred. The other amazing thing was how clean and picked up it was in the areas where the work took place after each step of the repair process.

I have had workers come into my place to do repairs and projects, but the the professionalism of the employees, the communication, quality of work they did and concern for me and my place, Craft Contractors Restoration & Remodeling is by far at the top of my list. I was really blown away to the point, which I don’t do that often, called Craft Contractors Restoration & Remodeling to let them know how pleased I was with them through the entire process, the quality of work and how great each person was in their responsibility.

Bottom line, I’m glad my insurance company recommended Craft Contractors Restoration & Remodeling and I’d use them again in a second.