Lawrence and Kathleen Lovig

This letter is intended to acknowledge the whole Craft Contractors team for their professionalism and support during a recent restoration project at our home in Phippsburg. Carolle Ohmeis and the repair crew all shone especially brightly.

Last summer our property was among many along Maine’s midcoast which felt the brunt of strong storms with winds and rain amounts usually reserved for hurricanes. I was grateful that my homeowner’s insurance company, USAA based in San Antonio, TX, responded energetically to our claim for damage incurred from two of these storms. We had every reason to be worried.

Our home is 150 years old and there have been modifications and additions throughout this period. After the storms, our vinyl siding and skylights (and the room containing the breached skylights) were a mess. We knew we needed talented assistance because much of the affected construction involved materials and craftmanship not readily found these days. So many of the firms my wife and I might approach for support were already in great demand. Other homeowners in this area faced the same challenges as we did.

Fortunately, USAA had a great suggestion for us; they are in the business of finding capable restoration talent in the areas where their insurance customers live. They suggested we turn to Craft Contractors and we were happy to follow this advice. Craft Contractors personnel put our mind to rest in terms of a thorough assessment and a professionally sound plan for repair to failed materials and restoration of water damage.

Time was tight because restoration required many steps. Companies that made the failed/damaged gear were not in business any more. “Not quite the same” materials had to be acquired and adapted. New England is famous for its storms in the fall so we were counting on Craft Contractors to adhere to their plans’s schedule. Things were done in the right order so the hole in the roof was closed and sealed long before poor weather could strike.

As relieved as we were at restoring the integrity of our home on schedule, our best surprise was still to come. The interior restoration was much better than new. The exterior vinyl repairs were better than new. There were no unpleasant surprises.

I wanted to write in to thank Craft Contractors much sooner…but the holiday season often does in the best intentions. Despite the delay, I hope this testimonial is not too late to acknowledge how satisfied Kate and I are.

In any case, please convey Kate’s and my thanks to all who helped us out.